Salons 2023

Salons 2023

Porirua Photography Club has 3 Salons each year.

These have a set topic and an open sections with both print and digital options.

They are judged by an independent and qualified judge who provides critique as well as awarding the grades within the level.

Salon 1

Set topic: Bokeh

Closing Date: 18 April

Presentation: 21 March

The guidelines for Bokeh are:

  • Submitted images must incorporate the stylistic element, bokeh.
  • Bokeh refers to the character of blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image which shows the shape of the lens aperture, usually circular or hexagonal, and may be distorted by lens aberrations such as ellipsoidal “cat’s eyes”.
  • The application of bokeh can be subtle, creating blur which is soft and “creamy”, or quite pronounced with dramatic specular light effects.
  • Images can be either abstract without an identifiable or easily identifiable subject, making use of bokeh throughout, or contain a subject which is in-focus or partially in-focus using a bokeh effect for other areas of the image.

Below are two links for examples of images incorporating bokeh; hopefully they provide inspiration.

Salon 2

Set topic: My Community

Close: 4 July

Presentation: 1 August

The guidelines for My Community are:

  • Images need to depict the people, places and / or events that reflect the spirit and character of your community.

  • Monuments, buildings or nature's displays that are considered iconic to the identity of your community can be showcased as well as other less well-known public spaces frequented by locals.

  • Local events may be presented, such as markets, sporting competitions, festivals or other gatherings, that bring people of the community together and captures the energy and excitement of those occasions.  Also, portraying people who are engaged in activities, sharing common interests, hobbies or causes, as part of a group or organization suits this topic.

  • This guide is meant to provide a broad interpretation of this topic; be focused, creative, respectful of others and their privacy and, most of all, have fun.



Salon 3

Set topic: Light and Shade

Close: 24 October

Presentation: 21 November

Guidelines for Light and Shade

The topic for this salon will explore the interplay between light and shadow in photography, focusing on two distinct types of images.

The first is creating visually striking images that empathize the contrast between light and dark, showcasing the dramatic interplay of illumination and shadow.  Your image should convey a sense of depth, drama and/or emotion.

The second is to consider "light and shadow" as a metaphor for exploring conceptual dualities through visual storytelling, prompting a reflection on the nuances of human existence and understanding.  Examples to consider; good vs evil, life vs death, order vs chaos, creation vs destruction.

For either of these interpretations, you, as the photographer are welcome to use any objects, settings, lighting or genres which you feel are suitable for conveying your artistic concept.

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